High Definition Distribution

A few years ago, High Definition Televisions were mainly just for your main living room. Now with the majority of TV's in the household being High Definition Ready and with the big uptake of systems like Sky+HD and Blu-ray players there is a need for these HD sources to be sent to other TV's in the home in the native High Definition Format without the need to buy additional units or suffering the loss of quality by sending the picture round your house via old fashioned RF Analogue signals in standard definition. 

This is where we can help. With technology moving on so quickly and the costs of the equipment falling, we can offer affordable High Definition distribution around your home via either HDMI or Cat5/6 Cabling. This can be to just one High Definition source to one extra High Definition Television or all your High Defintion Sources to every HD Television in your house. 

As with all other jobs we do, we can offer hidden cable runs or trunked/external cable runs depending on property and budget. 

Please call us for more information and to arrange a no obligation Quotation.

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