With the cultural diversity in the UK consumer market, we find that there is a demand for installation of equipment to receive either one or multipul different languages. 


We supply and/or install systems for this via either a fixed dish or a motorised dish system. 


We can supply and install free to air satellite boxes, pay tv satellite boxes* and PVR satellite recorder boxes. These can be for standard and high definition reception. 


List of the languages that we can supply for:


A: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani

B: Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian


C: Cantonese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech

D: Danish, Dutch


E: English

F: Farsi, Finnish, French

G: Galician, Georgian, German, Greek

H: Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian


I: Italian

K: Kazakh, Korean, Kurdish

L: Lithuanian, Luxembourgish

M: Macedonian, Malayalee

N: Nepalese, Norwegian

P: Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi


R: Romanian, Russian

S: Serbian, Sinhalese, Slovakian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish

T: Tagalog, Tamil, Turkish

U: Ukrainian, Urdu


W: Welsh

*we can supply pay tv boxes with cam or card slots for the card encryption type/types required. We cannot supply some broadcaster branded boxes and/or viewing cards from other countries as these need to be purchased in those countries. Call for information on what we can supply.

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List of satellites you can* receive in the UK




EUTELSAT 36A/36B @ 36E


ASTRA 2A/2B/2F/1N @ 28.2E

BADR-4 @ 26E

ASTRA 1D/3B @ 23.5E

ASTRA 1H/1KR/1L/1M/2C @ 19.2E

EUTELSAT 16A/16B/16C @ 16E




ASTRA 1E/4A + SES-5 @ 5E

THOR 5/6 + INTELSAT 10-02 @ 1W



TELSTAR 12 @ 15W

INTELSAT 901 @ 18W

INTELSAT 905 @ 24.5W



*Some satellites may not be available at your property. Satellite reception is dependant on line of sight to the relevant satellite. This can be affected by many things including trees, hills, buildings and dish positioning. A site survey may be required before installation of any equipment.

Satellite Systems for Premiership football

We have all heard about it, people being able to watch saturday afternoon premiership matches and other matches not available via the standard uk sky sports and bt sports channels. Well it is possible!

We can supply and/or install dishes and boxes for reception of most premiership football matches. They can be received via Al-Jazerra Sports, Sky Italia Sports, Sky Germany Sports, Abu Dhabi Sports and Beln Sports. 

The most complete way of picking these up is via a Motorised dish system. This gives you potential access to all available sports channels across the different satellite broadcasters and this is something which we can supply and install for you. We can also supply legal viewing cards and/or digi boxes for some of these channels, please call for details. 

Important Legal Notice: we do not sell, give advice or information about blank cards, card writers or chipped/programmable boxes. If this is the method you wish to use to receive your channels then we will only supply and install the dish and/or network equipment to connect your box to and will not set up or demostrate the equipment not suppied by us.

Multi LNB Satellite and Motorised Satellite systems

With so many multi lingual households in the UK, a Multi LNB or motorised satellite system may be the perfect answer. Enabling you, at the press of a button, to switch from local english programming at Eutlesat/Astra 28 to another language channel on a different satellite in seconds. 

All you need is a satellite dish (size dependant on which satellite you wish to receive), LNB/s, DiSEqC Motor or Multi LNB holder/DiSEqC switch and and a DiSEqC enabled digibox or digiboxes, all of which we can supply and install for you. 

A Fixed dish multi LNB System can easily give you 2-3 Satellite choices in the UK, example: Astra 28 (english), Astra 19(mainly german), Hotbird 13 (multipul languages). This can be ideal if you want more than one box for simultanious channel viewing on different televisions or for recording without having to have more than one dish on the wall.

A motorised system gives you the choice of all visible satellites so it gives you the biggest choice of languages and channels available, so if it is a single tv install this is probably the most ideal option for you to maximise the features of your investment. 

Even if all you want is a fixed single satellite system, it is always worth considering the motorised option, as for the small additional cost of the motor on the dish you would open up a whole world of programmimg and entertainment. 

Call us for for details or to arrange a no obligation quotation.