TV and Speaker Wall Mounting Service

We offer flat screen and speaker wall mounting to suit your requirements. This can be either with hidden cabling (run behind plasterboard or buried and plastered into the wall) or trunked cabling depending on your preference. 

We can install and/or supply flat, tilting and articulating wall mount television brackets. 

We can supply you with the extra length cables that are usually required (HDMI cables, Aerial feed, Satellite feed, Network cables and power extentions), and for people who choose trunking over hidden cables, we can supply square edged type or rounded decorative type trunking.

We always assess the wall installation before carrying it out to make sure we have an adequate surface available to fix your new television to. Once we have assessed the install, and we are happy that the wall is safe to mount on, we will then make sure we install the bracket with the most relevant fixings for the surface being installed to. This is because the fixings that come with the brackets are usually not suitable or of a good enough quality for us to be happy to use, so we always use our own. This then gives us, and you, the added piece of mind that your new television is staying where it is, until you decide to move it!

Image description

Sony KDL-40HX723 flush wall mounted with hidden cabling

Image description

Toshiba 32RL953B flush wall mounted but with cables inside surface mounted trunking

Television Supply

We can also, on request, supply and deliver a new or replacement television for our customers who might not be able to get out themselves to view or purchase one (ie: disabled customers, house bound customers, customers without adequate transport or customers unable to lift or carry heavy items). All we need is a size requirement and a budget so we can source you the best TV for that price range. Just call us for more infomation or a quote.

Multi-room Audio Installation

Listen to your favourite CD's, Radio Stations and music from your PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod and other audio devices, wired and wirelessly throughout your home. We can supply and install wired and wireless audio systems. This can be for a single room and for multi room installation using home audio equipment manufactured by, amongst others, SONOS and NUVO.

Home Cinema Installation

We can supply and install home cinema equipment including HD Projectors, Projector screens and Low/Mid/High End AV Amplifiers and speaker systems manufactured by companies like Russsound, Atlantic Technology, Onkyo, Pioneer, Cambridge Audio, Denon, Teac, Marantz, Sony, Panasonic and Yamaha.

These systems can be supplied and installed to suit any budget. Just give us a call to discuss and arrange a no obligation quotation.